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  • Sarah O'Brien

    My daughter's memory stick failed, which contained 12 months worth of college work on! Panic set in, daughter in tears, lucky found this site, Andy was brilliant in calming us down and soon courier was arranged and data was being recovered, each step Andy talking us through, within 24hrs, calm restored and data received. Andy still on hand to help download this! Service exceptional, dread to think what we would have done without it - 12mths of hard work down the drain! The service saved the day and hopefully now my daughter can continue her study at university come September.

    Richard Dash

    Hey. Just wanted to say thanks to Andy/R3 data recovery for helping me fix my external hard drive, they offered me a solid working solution for absolutely free over the phone and in general seemed like a friendly bunch who knows exactly what they are talking about, would recommend them highly. Thanks again!

    Vicki Hinks

    I lost all my precious photos on my iphone and looked around for a data retrieval company to recover them. I found one that didnt charge a diagnostics fee, and who were confident they could recover my photos. They had my phone for 10 days, and I had to chase them each time for an update. They couldn't recover the photos so I asked for my phone back. I then found R3, who had my phone for only 2 days when they recovered all the photos in the most professional and efficient way - and got them to me with no trouble at all. I highly recommend them - don't go to the cheapest company who promise the world - if you need anything recovered - I recommend R3!

Restoring failed computers, hard drives, servers, NAS and SAN to fully operational

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Emergency dedicated couriers available for emergencies or business critical / data protection policies. Nationwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you were to look at the internet from high above, you'd see streams of data moving at light speed, crisscrossing the globe in endless patterns. And while it might first appear as an uninterrupted data stream, a closer examination would reveal bottlenecks, interruptions, accidents (data loss) so to speak. That's where we, Data Recovery Sheffield, enter the equation, ensuring the problems are solved and the data stream continues unimpeded.

Data drives the internet, and in today's technologically advanced society, each of us contributes to the data stream, benefiting from the flow, but dependent on our storage systems to deliver that data whenever and wherever needed, 24/7/365. What exactly is contained on those drives? It's not important whether the data is stored on a hard drive, RAID array, smart card, external drive, or any other storage device, it's only crucial it be there when needed.

  • Proprietary documents
  • Treasured photographs
  • Term papers
  • Fiscal reports
  • Music mixes
  • An author's latest novel
  • Private messages

It's yours and it's not simply ones and zeros, it may represent hours, days, possibly months of work and if lost (data corruption), your plans, dreams and possibly bottom line could be affected. That's a very real problem should it happen, which is why at Data recovery Sheffield we offer a very real solution.

We've established our company and built our reputation by providing the best, most cost effective tools, technicians and techniques to recover your data in record time. It's not one and zeroes to us, it YOUR data and we treat each customer as a family friend.

Statically Speaking

We sincerely hope you never suffer the trauma of data loss or corruption, but statically speaking, it happens every minute of every day. Whether you've experienced data loss, or simply wish to know more about the process give us a call or handy contact form and let us walk you thru the process.

Obviously we can't know who is reading this, or whether you're a home user or administrating the data for a major network. Here's what we do know..

Our entire team at Data Recovery Sheffield is driven to find a solution to YOUR data loss issue. Whether you're dealing with a single drive or a large RAID array, we have the experience and staff to ensure your data is recovered fully, cost effectively and that you are treated with courtesy and respect. With over 30 years of collective experience in data recovery, it's unlikely there's a data loss scenario we haven't dealt with successfully.

  • On a deadline and need a 24 hr turnaround? We can help.
  • Confused about the process and simply want a clear concise solution? We can help.
  • On a budget and can only afford a certain amount? We have budget plans to fit nearly any scenario.
  • Wondering about the security of your data? Your data is protected with 24hr on-site security.

In short, we at Data Recovery Sheffield have a mission, to be your on-call tech team in times of need. We understand the stress involved with data loss and our customer service will always treat you with courtesy. We want to help..

Call us now for a no-cost, no-obligation consult @ 0114 408 1282.

Our Data Recovery Process

  • All work is performed in ISO certified clean rooms
  • All techs fully certified in data recovery
  • Proven techniques are utilized ensuring the greatest data recovery success.
  • No surprises, you will be kept informed at every step in the process
  • Recovery plans to fit any user, no matter their experience or size of operation.
  • Our phones are manned from 7am to midnight and we welcome inquiries

Devices We Recover

Technology is constantly changing, which is why Data Recovery Sheffield constantly adapts to the environment. Whether your data is stored on a:

  • Hard drive
  • Smart card
  • Memory stick
  • USB
  • SDD
  • External or RAID
  • SAN, NAS or
  • Tape

You can be assured we're familiar with the device and understand the parameters. Whether you've experienced data loss, or simply feel your storage medium might not be operating at peak efficiency, let us give you a friendly and informed answer. We want Data recovery Sheffield to be the team you turn to whenever you're concerned about data loss. Let us prove it..


Lost data? Don't panic. We can help! Call our expert for a FREE diagnosis.. 0114 408 1282